Hi Hermosas como estan? 

Estoy muy emocionada que pude abrir una tienda online to make a little extra dinerito $$ I'm super excited that you found my insta and click on my website, I’m sure que es that you saw something you LOVEDD!

Mi storia comienza cuando tenia 5 anos, I live in East LA, where we rented a couple of places all over there in EastLos! growing up in a LA, and coming from Mexico, if you know, you know. Pero we stay at my tias 1 bedroom house in a small ass house with like 15 relatives staying inside and outside of the her house. Living there was like living in mini Mexico. My parents never really had money to get us anything fancy, ni tampoco to take us de compras en el Payless, o la Mall, Target, ni en commerce center, Kmart or any shop in Whittier Blvd! 

Growing up, and going to school was a adventure but for me it was important to wear the coolest clothes. Wearing used clothes & shoes was hard, when I was little and all the way to high school. Todas Las chamacas wore the cutest dresses, cutest bows and cutest shoes. This made me feel like fudge cuando me va tocar extrenar some nice clothes either way I really appreciate what I had. Para mi clothes and shoes are important, there a way to express ourselves como mujeres, first impressions and how we feel through the way. Especially if your going to school or if you work. We all know that going to school and going to work is important what we wear and look. 

Las Populares eran las que siempre tenian the hottest shoes and clothes in school y en work pues las que ganan mas $$ son las que tienen the nicest outfits nicest shoes! I know this is importante para todos. Growing went to places like segundas, thrift stores and yard sales. My parents no tenían money, ni muchos menos para comprarme zapatos y ropa. I’m not ashamed and this is Not a sad story I promise! 

Afterwards, back to my story.. Mis tios introduce us to The Famous Swaptmeet, a place where you can find anything and everything I loved it and for reasonable prices. My parents decide to rent a space, to sell things we stated with toys, manteles, tela, and then clothes y shoes de mujer. That's when it turn around for us, I grew up realizing that material things don't matter. PEROOO, BUT they do in a way soooo I realized that I wanted to bring custom pieces of clothing and shoes for my girls. I also realize that becoming my own boss, y que nadien te diga nada. Became mas importante and that mentally took over my soul. 

I remember being inspired by all the things you found there, alot of mexicans, latinos CULTURA gente with there styles all over that place. Inspired Me. Now I have the opportunity to rent a space online for my online store. And bring something different for all my girls that feel different and want to express there emotions  through there clothing and shoes. ( I know I dont have clothes yet :) I will soon ;) for work or fun! Best of Both Worlds! 

Girl's Culture is now change to THE BLVD was made with the intention to carry Fresh New Custom footwear and apparel that everyone can love for work or for fun! I know TRUST its hard sometimes to afford things so dont be shy and mandeme un mensaje to send you some discuentos :) 

Pero I Love to offers coupons and discounts para que todas puedan comprar lo que defines you as a person from your hood town!

Send me a mensaje, I'm always online we can chat or you can asked for me some discounts. Trying to make this website more personal, I always have ppl sending me messages like are you leggit.. I’m like yeah Hi! haha.. 

XOXO Sending My Amor to all $$ 


EMAIL ME: si tienes preguntas or you want to chat away :)